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Kitchen lighting

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It is where comforting and delicious feasts are created and devoured, secrets and revelations are discovered, and love and kindness are shown. That is why the kitchen should be properly complimented not only with appropriate decor but also with attractive lighting.


A perfect kitchen lighting design can make any kitchen stand out. Not only will the proper lighting accentuate your kitchen space and appliances, it can make it appear that it was professionally done even when it is not.


For proper implementation of a kitchen lighting design, there are four kinds of lights that you can use. These are the task, accent, ambient and decorative lighting. The task lighting focuses on making the kitchen a working one. This is the most appropriate lighting that lets you see your sharp knife as you chop vegetables. Task lighting is usually situated between the work surface and the person running the kitchen. The accent lighting, as its name denotes, accentuates the whole kitchen. It adds dimension and depth to the whole space. Accent lighting is usually low voltage. An example of accent lighting are the fixtures placed inside a glass cabinet to spotlight delicate china, wonderful glassware, and other beautiful pieces that you have.


The third kind of kitchen lighting design is the ambient lighting. This kind of kitchen lighting can immediately improve your kitchen look, yet this is the most overlooked. Most people don’t think that they need extra lights to create a soft yet warm glow that soften shadows. But as soon as they realize this, they acknowledge that the ambient lighting creates that homey feel that was missing in their kitchen. The last type of kitchen lighting design is the decorative lighting. Decorative lighting adds zest and sparkle to your kitchen. With decorative lighting, make sure not to overdo it. It can make your space look overdone and cluttered.


Any properly situated kitchen light can improve your kitchen’s look. Try out a specific kitchen lighting design now and watch your kitchen come alive.


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